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Develop your leaders at scale with our Leadership Academy. Explore how customers have developed their workforce with cohort learning. Check out stories in consumer goods and life-sciences.

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Target Level Emerging Leader: Aspiring leaders without direct reports

Frontline Leader: Leaders, whether new or experienced, who supervise direct reports

Mid-Level Leader: Leaders who manage managers

Senior Leader: Leaders who manage directors

Functional Leader: Leaders who manage a business, department, or division. Eg: supply chain or HR

All Leaders: Leaders of all levels

55 Results

Accelerating HR’s Business Impact

Develop HR Skills That Add Measurable Value to Your Organization

Topics: Human Resources

Achieving End-to-End Supply Chain Excellence

Understand Integration Points and the Impact of Decisions Across the E2E Supply Chain

Topics: Supply Chain Leadership Academy

Acting Inclusively

Harnessing the power of uniqueness and belonging

Topics: Diversity & Inclusion

Topics: Employee Engagement

Becoming A Vigilant Leader

Successfully Navigating Digital Turbulence

Topics: Strategy

Becoming A Vigilant Organization

Demonstrating Leadership Commitment to Vigilance

Topics: Strategy

Breakthrough Results Through Committed Teams

A Process and Toolbox to Help Average Teams Become Top Performers

Topics: Leading Teams

Building A Customer-Centric Supply Chain

Learn How to Align the Customer Response Into Operations

Topics: Supply Chain Leadership Academy

Building Integrated Supply Networks

Seizing New Opportunities Through Sourcing, Partnering and Distribution

Topics: Supply Chain Leadership Academy

Building Organizational Agility Through Learning

Leading an Adaptive Organization

Topics: Leadership

Building Your Strategic Network

Develop strong relationships to advance your agenda and goals

Topics: Influence and Persuasion

Coaching Your Team

Build Trust and Support Through Coaching and Empathy

Topics: Leadership Leading Teams Talent Development

Communicating to Inspire Change

Crafting and Sharing a Compelling Vision

Topics: Change Management

Conducting Interest-Based Negotiations

An Overview of the Mutual Gains Approach

Topics: Negotiation

Cultivating Community Through Trust and Connection

Create Meaningful Relationships in Life and the Workplace

Topics: Influence and Persuasion

Delegating for Impactful Leadership

Build delegation skills to empower teams and enhance efficiency

Topics: Leadership Leading Teams

Developing Talent

Build the Leadership Skills Required for the Future of Work

Topics: Leadership Leading Teams Talent Development

Developing Your Emotional Intelligence Skills

Learning to Leverage Emotions

Topics: Diversity & Inclusion

Developing Your Team

Manage All Aspects of the Talent Development Lifecycle From Hiring to Retiring

Topics: Leadership Leading Teams Talent Development

Embracing Positive Leadership

Transform a Team or an Organization Through the Power of Positive Leadership

Topics: Employee Engagement

Emerging Leader

An Innovative Leadership Development Program Designed by World-Renowned Experts for Emerging Leaders and High-Potential Professionals

Topics: Leadership

Empowering People for Success

Create an Environment That Empowers Employees to Succeed

Topics: Employee Engagement

Engaging People for High Performance

Learn How to Improve Employee Engagement by Helping Employees Fulfill Their Potential

Topics: Employee Engagement

Harnessing Data Analytics For Your Organization

Prepare Leadership Teams to Work With Data Scientists

Topics: Data Science

Harnessing Stress For Success

Managing Pressure to Drive Results

Topics: Developing Resilience

Identifying Opportunities For Innovation

Generating Winning Ideas

Topics: Innovation

Improving Employee Experiences

Cultivate and Nurture a Great Work Environment

Topics: Diversity & Inclusion Leadership Leading Teams Talent Development

Improving Group Decision-Making

Make Better Decisions and Avoid Groupthink

Topics: Decision Making

Improving Supply Chain Agility

Enabling Flexible and Responsive Supply Chain Operations

Topics: Supply Chain Leadership Academy

Innovating For Faster Growth

Becoming a Growth Leader

Topics: Innovation

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