Analytics in action

Your organization will be able to better predict behavioral change, provide clear insights, and help drive business impact faster than ever before.

Measure what matters with
AI and machine learning

Unlike typical online learning platforms that use completion rates and surveys to assess program results, our analytics go deep by using algorithms to hone in on critical data points.

Cohort Learning Analytics

Our analytics make it easy for
organizations to:

  • Track progress of participants
  • Measure understanding, engagement, and commitment
  • Identify misalignment between leaders
  • Analyze theme-based insights to understand barriers to success
  • Identify future leadership development opportunities

Inform course content with real-time data

Our platform algorithms identify themes that emerge from team dialogue, and
faculty and moderators use that information to align cross-functional teams and support collaborative problem-solving.

Drive learner engagement through automated communication channels

Our program captures learners’ commitments—along with potential barriers—to help you successfully support learning on the job. Automated reminders, refreshers, and check-ins encourage and document ongoing progress on action plans.

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