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With flexible learning, you can attract, build, and retain top talent.

Here’s what on-demand learning can do for your organization

  • Close skills gaps and increase productivity
  • Develop talent from within and improve retention
  • Support business continuity through ongoing change
  • Reduce overhead and training costs
  • Increase business revenue through innovation

Learning for everyone

A global learning solution

Our enterprise-ready features are designed to help you scale learning to all employees across your organization.

Comprehensive content

We offer fresh courses on emerging topics that keep your employees ahead of the curve.

Native-language learning

English, Brazilian Portuguese, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Turkish, Indonesian, Mandarin, Arabic, Hindi, Russian, Korean*, and Japanese*
– *Available only with the Premium collection add on

Offer 24/7 access to our extensive course collection

Employees around the world can learn in-demand skills when it works for them and improve resilience with wellness programs.

Skills development for growth and engagement

Employee-led learning with current courses taught by real-world experts

Learning paths for a personalized experience with custom content

Native-language learning with 15 languages in our International Collection

In-demand skills on demand

With 26K+ current and highly rated courses, employees can learn what they need when they need it.

Business Skills

Tech Skills

Leadership &
Management Skills

Wellness Skills

On-demand learning is powered by our marketplace

Udemy marketplace is one of the world’s largest online learning platforms. Curated from the top 3% of courses, your team will have access to relevant and highly rated content.

Benefits of our marketplace model:

  • Instructors compete with each other to be the first to deliver and maintain the highest-quality courses.
  • Trending topics, user insights, and learner sentiment provide instructors with useful feedback for course development.
  • Udemy Business courses are continuously updated, so learners will have access to content at the pace of tech change.

We’ll help you cultivate a culture of learning

Our people have fully-embraced online learning, with many now choosing how and where they complete training courses — Udemy Business creates curiosity.
Samanta Zanchi
Learning & Development Manager

Learning for organizations of all sizes

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