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Four ways to partner with us

Technology partnership

Integrate Udemy Business content to enable your users to search and discover thousands of our top-rated courses and learning paths right from your platform.

With personalized learning, the ability to track learner progress, plus easy access via SSO and mobile app options, you can boost experience and drive learner adoption.

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Reseller partnership

Become a Udemy Business reseller to expand your business, meet the demands of your customers, and establish new revenue streams.

Market and sell our learning solutions to help customers drive business outcomes (while achieving your own outcomes, too).

Affiliate partnership

Promote a product that creates new learning possibilities for people everywhere. Earn competitive commission rates for purchases made through your affiliate tracking links.

You’ll also have access to helpful tools to drive sales, including marketing and creative assets and performance tracking through your network account.

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Strategic partnership

Strategic partnerships at Udemy are focused on working with brands to create custom and highly tailored Udemy learning experiences. End users can be consumers, clients, members of an association, beneficiaries of a non-profit, for-profit student populations, etc.

Apply to become a strategic partner and explore how Udemy can complement your existing product or service.

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