Accelerate learning with hands-on tech training

With workspaces, labs, assessments and more, your tech talent will stay engaged and outskill the competition.

Here’s what immersive learning can do for your tech teams

  • Accelerate learning to drive business outcomes like technology innovation, revenue, and growth
  • Attract, engage, and retain top tech talent
  • Close skills gaps and increase productivity
  • Develop internal talent to reduce attrition costs

Learn-as-you-go practice and training

Upskill your team with continuously updated courses on the
most cutting-edge technologies.

Empower your team members with curated learning paths that guide learners through specific technology topics and certification prep.

With assessments, learners can get personalized content recommendations that align with their skills gaps. This allows the learner to go deeper into areas they’re weak on and make progress faster.

Virtual sandbox environments and labs, give your tech talent a safe practice workspace to apply and accelerate learning.

Maintain technical excellence

To develop skills and increase innovation, we offer immersive, top-rated courses on key tech topics.




Data Science &

Machine Learning
& AI

Innovative features keep your tech teams continually upskilled

Udemy Business is one of my top primary sources for online education where I, as a data scientist who is working for a large corporation, have a constant need to ensure our scientists have opportunities to keep their skills up to date. Through the Udemy Business immersive learning solution, I can provide my teams with a selection of curated courses, hands-on labs, and in-course workspaces to ensure our data scientists have a focused and customized learning experience. By adding more value to our employees, we add more value to our company.
Maziar Refahi
Data Scientist

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