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A learning platform for tech companies

Udemy Business helps you keep pace with constantly evolving technology and priorities. 

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Drive innovation

Set a strong foundation for innovation by preparing your employees to interpret and apply data, leverage emerging technology, and reimagine business models.

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Investing in your employees enables you to attract and retain top talent.

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Critical soft skills and business skills prepare your team to collaborate and communicate more effectively.

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Whether you’re getting new hires up to speed or training your people on the latest tech skills, Udemy Business gives you a better way to do learning.

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Deliver effective learning for everyone, starting with your team.

Prepare your team to attract and grow talent

Train up your HR workforce with the latest tech, business, and soft skills.

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Offer your team hands-on training on cutting-edge technologies.

Keep your IT team ahead of the curve

Make sure your team has the latest cloud skills and security certifications.

Hone data analysis skills for sharper insights

Train your team on visualization tools, analytics platforms, and more.

I really love Udemy’s reporting engine as it tells me the story of our learner usage and it makes our life easier when we seamlessly roll up our quarterly usage statistics for our executives and other senior stakeholders.”
Kevin Freitas
Engineering Enablement Director

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