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Lazaro Diaz
IT and Software
46,000+ students

A Network Engineer with 14+ years in the field and in the teaching industry, Lazaro has taught IT professionals extensively on the CCNA and Microsoft certifications.

Lazaro's top courses:
  • Cisco CCNA Security
  • MPLS Fundamentals
  • Cisco CCNA Wireless
Office Productivity
25,500+ students

America's top publisher since 1807, John Wiley & Sons has published content from more than 450 Nobel Laureates and created the wildly popular "For Dummies" series.

Wiley's top courses:
  • Windows 8 for Dummies
  • Essentials
  • Excel Data Analysis for Dummies
Van Edwards
Body Language
90,614+ students

As a contributing writer to CNN, Fast Company, the Huffington Post and Forbes, Vanessa’s groundbreaking science of people approach has benefited both readers and corporations alike.

Vanessa's top courses:
  • The Secrets of Body Language
  • 7 Scientifically Proven Steps to Increase Your Influence
  • How to Be A Human Lie Detector
Seth Godin

Bestselling author, speaker, and business management expert

David Birnbaum quote thumbnail

Udemy for Business helps enable C21 University to move from traditional just-in-case learning to just-in-time learning.

David Birnbaum

VP of Learning, Century21