The Enterprise Plan

The skills your company needs to succeed

On-demand learning for companies with 20+ employees

A scalable training platform that your organization will love

professional courses

Give your organization access to 3,000+ courses

Access to content
anytime, anywhere

Learn on any device anywhere

learning engagement

Accurately monitor and track your organization's training

Manage your team's learning success

technical implementation screenshot

Technical implementation and integration

Course API

Connect with your existing learning management system or intranet to easily pull Udemy course data and create your own course search and discovery experience

Reporting API

Retrieve employee learning activity to track enrollments, course progress, video consumption, and quiz results to tie data at the user-level

Single Sign-On API

Streamline the login experience by implementing single sign-on through your intranet so your employees can easily access their learning portal

Activate your own customized Learning Account

  • Add your organization's logo and choose your own background
  • Select a unique URL for your company
  • Customize user groups for easier organization and tracking
  • Enable users to customize their individual profiles with pictures and bios
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