A global learning platform for companies of every size

A comprehensive learning solution for your whole organization.

Enterprise-ready features designed to help you scale learning to all employees across your organization

Empower admins with enhanced capabilities

Quickly set up user groups, add and remove users, assign courses, and monitor progress as learners engage.

Drive learning outcomes with reporting and insights

Understand and take action on how people in your organization learn with our robust adoption and learner activity dashboards.

Optimize business process with integrations

Make your tech stack do the work for you. Centralize learning management or integrate with existing systems to drive more impactful learning.

Unlock learning for all employees

Enterprise-grade security to protect your data.

Security is built into every aspect of how Udemy users learn and engage with Udemy’s services, while minimizing impact to usability, so that you can get the most value out of Udemy when engaging in learning initiatives via a native Web or native mobile app.

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