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The leading learning solution to upskill teams of 5–20

A dynamic training platform to bridge skill gaps and transform your team

Build more confident and productive teams

Get unlimited access to 5,500+ top rated, in-demand courses

Innovate by staying ahead of new technologies

Access first-to-market content taught by real-world practitioners

Save costs by investing in internal talent

Foster employee development through learning on-demand and on the go


Support your employees through ongoing change

Track learner adoption and engagement to achieve measurable results

An in-depth course collection of the most in-demand skills

Get on-demand access to 5,500+ of Udemy's best courses, curated to help employees move skills forward, with the option to brand your account and give your team a personalized learning experience.

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The complete learning solution for technical teams

Technical teams rely on Udemy for Business to upskill across critical categories like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, AWS, and more. With thousands of hours of continuously evolving tech skill courses taught by global instructors, your team will be ready for whatever comes next – whether that's tackling the next project, learning a new skill, or mastering a role.

Insights that drive better learning outcomes

Our built-in user adoption funnel is intuitive, actionable, and ideal for small teams. Use it to understand engagement and dive deeper into how and what your employees are learning.

Recommendations that foster peer-to-peer learning

Share and socialize learning with Recommend, designed for any user to be able to suggest a course to a colleague.

Scalable and affordable top quality training

Our plans scale with your needs, and provide the market’s freshest content at a cost that won’t break the bank.

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"In a recent survey, 90% of Team Plan customers stated that Udemy for Business has helped improve their team's performance"

When we evaluated learning solutions, no other platform had such a wide variety of both technical and soft skills that could benefit my entire team. We have been able to get many projects off the ground due to skills that were acquired with the help of Udemy for Business.

Christopher Sale

Senior Technical Director at Integrated Media Technologies, Inc

My skillset has improved a lot in the past 2 years since I started using Udemy for Business. It has given me the flexibility to learn on my own terms, and it’s made a great impact on the quality of my day-to-day work.

Sunit Guldas

Senior Application Security Engineer at Asurion

Our main goal is to ensure our team members are more capable, better trained, and able to work efficiently across different tasks. With other learning solutions, it was difficult to find reliable information that was structured and in-depth, but Udemy for Business made it easy. It has also helped us simplify our onboarding process, which has been particularly helpful lately with new team members starting remotely.

Fabio Canevarolo

Software Development Manager at Ifin Sistemi Srl

We just wrapped up a project that integrated 2 of our platforms. Prior to Udemy, the lead developer on the project didn’t have all the skills to complete it in the time we needed, but Udemy helped him take it to the finish line.

Brad Greene

Director of Marketing Technology at Camping World

I wanted to ensure my team would be learning from reliable and experienced instructors. Udemy instructors are very knowledgeable, and this helps us feel confident in the skills we’re developing across the team. That, along with the quality of the content and affordability of Udemy for Business, made this decision a no-brainer for us.

Head of IT Infrastructure Group, IT Operations Department

Frequently asked questions

What is the cost?

The Udemy for Business Team Plan is priced as an annual subscription at USD $360 per person per year (plus applicable taxes) and payment is due in full, upfront. A minimum of 5 users is required for purchase. For more details, view our plans page.

What currencies do you accept?

We currently only accept payments in US Dollars.

Can I pay monthly?

Not at this time.

Can I pay via check, sales order, or purchase order?

Not at this time. Your Team Plan payment must be made via credit card directly online.

What is your refund policy?

As stated in our Udemy for Business Agreement, under section 8, we do not accept refunds at this time. All purchases are final. All fees shall be paid in US dollars and are non-refundable.

Can I buy for 1–4 users?

Not at this time. Team Plan is meant for groups of 5 or more people, up to 20 people total.

Can I add more users during my subscription?

You can add more people to your account by going to Manage > Billing > Add more users. Your Team Plan account can include a total of 20 people. Additional users will be prorated through the end of your annual contract.

Does the administrator require a license?

Yes. In order to access your Udemy for Business account, you as an account admin must occupy a license.

What language are the courses in?

Currently, all courses on Udemy for Business are in English. A few courses will have English captions available.

Which courses are included in the UFB subscription?

You and your team will have unlimited, on-demand access to a collection of 5,500+ courses across business and technical topics. These top rated courses are curated from– a global marketplace powered by over 40 million learners, 56,000+ instructors, and 155,000+ courses. Our content team ensures the most engaging and relevant courses from are included.

What reporting and insights are available?

Team Plan subscribers have access to basic analytics through the User Adoption Dashboard, which helps you understand how many and which users have logged in to your Udemy for Business account and started using it. User Adoption information can also be exported via a CSV file.

How is team plan different from my personal account on

Team Plan is a product offered by Udemy for Business, and has been designed for small teams and organizations of 5 to 20 people. Instead of purchasing courses one by one on, Team Plan is a subscription package that provides unlimited access to 5,500+ of Udemy’s top-rated business and technical courses.

How is team plan different from the Enterprise plan?

Team Plan is designed for teams and organizations of 5-20 people. It is designed to get your team setup and learning within minutes. The Enterprise Plan is designed for larger departments and organizations of 21 or more people. Both plans offer the same 5,500+ content collection. The Enterprise Plan includes more advanced analytics and other features like SSO and API integrations. To view the differences between the two plans, please see our plans page.

What if I find a course on that I want in Udemy for Business?

If the course you want is not in the content collection, you can submit a request for the course to be added here. Our content team reviews course requests on a monthly basis. Please note that not all requests will be honored.

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