The Team Plan

A learning solution for teams

On-demand learning for growing teams of 5-20 users.

The best course collection

Get on-demand access to 3,000+ of Udemy’s best courses, curated for the working professional. Get your own branded account that lets your team learn anywhere, anytime.

Analytics & insights

Our built-in insights dashboards are intuitive and easy-to-use. Use them to understand who is adopting, and what they’re learning on an individual basis. Ideal for small teams.

Affordable & accessible

Team Plan is ideal for 5-20 employees who need access to top quality courses. It’s easy to sign up and get started. Give your team the platform they need to excel, today.

Frequently asked questions

The Udemy for Business Team Plan is priced as an annual subscription at $240 (in USD) per person per year and payment is due in full, upfront. A minimum of 5 users is required for purchase. For more details, view our pricing page here.
Not at this time.
Not at this time. Team Plan is meant for groups of 5 or more people, up to 20 people total.
You and your team will have unlimited, on-demand access to a collection of more than 3,000+ courses across 20+ business and technical topics. These top rated courses are curated from– a global marketplace powered by over 18 million students, 34,000 instructors, and 55,000 courses. Our content team ensures the most engaging and relevant courses from are included.
Team Plan is a product offered by Udemy for Business, and has been designed for small teams and organizations of 5 to 20 people. Instead of purchasing courses one by one on, Team Plan is a subscription package that provides unlimited access to over 3,000+ of Udemy’s top-rated business and technical courses.
Team Plan is designed for teams and organizations of 5-20 people. It is designed to get your team setup and learning within minutes. The Enterprise Plan is designed for larger departments and organizations of 21 or more people. Both plans offer the same 3,000+ content collection. The Enterprise Plan includes more advanced analytics and other features like SSO and API integrations. To view the differences between the two plans, please see our pricing page here.
Not at this time. Your Team Plan payment must be made via credit card directly online.
You can add more people to your account by going to Manage > Billing > Add more users. Your Team Plan account can include a total of 20 people. Additional users will be prorated through the end of your annual contract.
Yes. In order to access your Udemy for Business account, you as an account admin must occupy a license.
If the course you want is not in the content collection, you can submit a request for the course to be added here. Our content team reviews course requests on a monthly basis. Please note that not all requests will be honored.

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