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Making Sense of Data Science: 4 Key Skills Your Data-Driven Company Needs

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Frank Kane

Frank Kane, Udemy instructor and Founder of Sundog Software, previously at Amazon and IMDb

Our increasingly digital world produces a constant stream of data that companies can leverage to gain competitive advantage. By extracting meaning out of all this real-time information, organizations can execute strategic data-driven decisions on just about everything from product development to sales & marketing. Whether it’s the logs from your website, usage trends about your…

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How Learning & Development Can Boost Your Hiring Success Rate

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Judith Lindenberger

Judith Lindenberger, President of The Lindenberger Group, an award-winning HR consulting agency

Let’s face it. Hiring can be tough. The unemployment rate is low – just 4.4% according to the Department of Labor Statistics – and employers are competing against one another to hire the best talent. So what can you do to boost your hiring success rate? How can you differentiate your company from the rest…

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Udemy L&D Roundup August 2017: Your Top 5 Diversity Reads

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Jennifer Juo

Jennifer Juo, HR and L&D Insights Writer, Udemy for Business

With diversity and inclusion at the top of everyone’s minds this month, we’ve curated 5 new reads to help you innovate ways to tackle this issue at your organization. 1. You Call it: HR Best Practices or HR Biased Practices? Gabby Burlacu, Workforce Why we picked this for you: Many HR best practices were designed…

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Is L&D More Important Than Salary?

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Didier Elzinga

Didier Elzinga, CEO of Culture Amp, the world’s most powerful employee feedback and analytics platform

If you had two job options – one with more money, and one with better learning and development (L&D) opportunities, which would you choose? According to our data, most people would be more likely to choose the latter. Once salaries get to a certain hygiene point – as they are in most of the industries…

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Blended Learning: A Proven Model to Change Behavior at Work

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Lawrence M. Miller

Lawrence M. Miller, Udemy for Business instructor and Leadership Consultant with 40 years of experience creating high-performance teams at organizations

Learning and Development (L&D) can help a company become more agile. Organizations with strong cultures of leadership and learning outperform their peers, according to Bersin by Deloitte research. 84% of organizations with a strong culture of leadership and learning score high on meeting or exceeding financial targets, 68% do well on anticipating and responding to…

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Gamification is Actually About Motivation, Not Badges

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Shelley Osborne

Shelley Osborne, Head of L&D at Udemy

Gamification is the latest shiny new toy on the block for boosting learning engagement and knowledge transfer at work. If gamers can be drawn to spend hours immersed in a video game, why not bring the same concepts into corporate learning? But it’s easier said than done. Too many L&D departments are jumping on the…

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What’s Needed for Innovation: The Enduring Benefits of Hiring Lifelong Learners

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Darren Shimkus

Darren Shimkus, VP & GM, Udemy for Business

What are the two most critical skills in today’s workforce? 1) An appetite for learning; and 2) the ability to adapt and grow in new environments. Why? Because organizations are rapidly implementing new technologies that shift the way we work and will continue to do so. As an example, just think about how consumer AI-powered…

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7 Skills Every Product Manager Needs to Build a Winning Product

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Cole Mercer

Cole Mercer, Udemy instructor and Senior Product Manager at SoundCloud

Product managers play an increasingly critical role at tech companies, but good ones are hard to find. The good news is: most key skills can be taught by corporate L&D. Due to a low supply, product managers have recently replaced software developers as the kings of the tech world. They now receive the highest salary…

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Onboarding Done Right: Focus on the Employee, Not the Company

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Courtney Bigony

Courtney Bigony, Director of People Science at 15Five

Every year more than 25% of the working population moves to a new company. But unfortunately, not all these transitions are smooth sailing. In fact, about half of all senior external hires fail in their roles within 18 months and half of all hourly workers leave their new jobs within the first 120 days. How…

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Udemy L&D Roundup: Your Top 5 Reads for July

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Jennifer Juo

Jennifer Juo, HR and L&D Insights Writer, Udemy for Business

For this month’s L&D roundup, I’ve picked some interesting reads that stood out—the latest data trends on Millennials and engagement, as well as new ways to think about bias as it relates to hiring and women in leadership positions.   1. Millennials Don’t Want to Jump Ship Anymore   The Deloitte Millennial Survey 2017 Why…

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