Empower leaders
to collaborate and inspire

When leadership teams learn together, they can impact cultural change and drive business results.

Here’s what cohort learning can do for your organization

  • Build leaders who inspire innovation and lead through change
  • Develop leaders who foster strong and loyal employee relationships
  • Align leadership teams to drive positive transformation
  • Empower leaders with the tools they need to be resilient and adept at problem-solving

Support your leaders with interactive development programs

Foster a sense of community and team alignment with group-based programs and courses, and keep leaders engaged with a variety of learning formats.

Programs offer a mix of self-paced activities, collaborative discussion forums, and expert-led live online events.

Our expert network of faculty, authors, and thought leaders guide learners throughout the program.

Programs can be tailored to provide enterprise context to the learners’ needs.

Thanks to AI and machine learning, your organization will be able to better predict behavioral change, provide actionable insights, and drive business impact.

Leading-edge learning

With over 50 cohort learning courses and programs, we have development options for all levels of leaders.

Acting Inclusively

Acting Inclusively

Stefanie Johnson

Developing Your Emotional Intelligence Skills

Developing Your Emotional Intelligence Skills

David Caruso, Lisa Rees

Cultivating Community Through Trust and Connection

Cultivating Community Through Trust and Connection

Jon Levy

Leading Transformative Conversations

Leading Transformative Conversations

Michael Beer, Ph.D., Russell Eisenstat

When leaders learn together, they can:

  • Further develop leadership capabilities
  • Manage change better and align teams on key initiatives
  • Challenge ideas and learn from each other
  • Accelerate leadership-wide adoption of positive change
  • Reduce friction and organizational silos

A multi-modal approach

Leaders learn in many ways throughout the program for increased engagement,
efficiency, and impact.

Asynchronous learning with self-paced micro-learning modules is easy to complete and apply.

Discussion forums foster community with peers, experts, and moderators.

Breakout groups promote team building and collective problem solving.

Live expert-led sessions allow for deep-dive discussions into topic areas based on learners’ interests.

Level up your leadership training

The material covered at our Udemy driven Cohort Learning was valuable, well-presented, and timely for my team and, in my opinion, the larger organization. An overwhelmingly positive experience.
Dr. Joshua Mackey
Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer

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