How Jabil Leveraged Udemy Business to Accelerate their Cloud Migration

Jabil is a global manufacturer with different types of customers from healthcare, packaging, smartphones and cloud equipment to automotive and home appliances. Their driving force is to find new ways to add value to their customers. Moving from on-premises applications to the cloud offers a major cost-saving opportunity and allows Jabil to future-proof their global manufacturing business to take advantage of the benefits of connected systems and automation. To facilitate this, Jabil needed to rapidly upskill their Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) team on Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud.

Running a skilling program for the AWS Cloud practitioner certification across the EMS team both got everyone on the same page on the benefits of cloud migration while simultaneously equipping the technical team with the skills to get the work done. Jabil has partnered with Udemy Business to facilitate over 5,000 hours of AWS related learning in the last 12 months, supporting their certification drive with prep courses and providing the practical skills and knowledge needed to migrate Jabil’s applications to AWS cloud.

Jabil set specific certification targets for the team working on their cloud migration projects and worked towards these in ‘learning sprints’, using Udemy’s AWS certification prep courses to get ready for their exams. By doing this, they were able to beat their target and gain 200 AWS certifications for the EMS team. Working together through the AWS learning sprints also helped the team practically as they accelerated the cloud migration project, giving a solid AWS foundation and shared knowledge base for the team. Overall Jabil’s EMS team migrated 446 applications to the cloud last year, providing significant productivity benefits and cost savings for the business.

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