Major Energy Company

Workforce Skills Transformation and Cost Reduction for a Major Energy Company

Staying at the cutting edge of technical and operational change is at the fore of any successful organization’s strategy, not least one of our clients in the energy industry. Our client is a major electricity and gas supplier in the United States, providing vital utilities services to more than 7 million people.

But with ambitious plans to achieve net-zero in the coming decades, combined with a hybrid workforce, our client was in search of an online learning solution to help it upskill and reskill its existing workforce to tackle the challenges of tomorrow.

Challenge: Major ambitions needing a modernized workforce

Our client is a major electric power and natural gas company, serving more than 7 million customers across the United States. The company’s vision is to lead the clean energy transition in the US, halving its carbon emissions and achieving net-zero methane emissions by 2030, and becoming net- zero carbon by 2050.

As remote and hybrid working arrangements soared during the pandemic, our client realized the importance of rapid organization-wide digital transformation. But with this came the need for a better learner experience to effectively reskill and upskill the company’s existing workforce.

“The pandemic resulted in management needing to understand employees’ skills and quickly shift employees to the highest priority need,” says the Director of Learning & Development. “For employees, the pandemic highlighted a need to further leverage technology and focus on skill development.”

For success, they set out to:

• Build internal talent pipeline opportunities — critical to the company’s future success, sustainability, and competitiveness

• Utilize talent marketplace tools (powered by Workday) — such as adding skills to career profiles

• Provide targeted skill development opportunities — for evolving business needs

• Follow career progression of reskilling program participants — recording employees that move into new roles as a result of the program and who apply new skills to their current roles

• Create a culture of career mobility — increasing engagement and ensuring internal talent is redeployed in line with changing business needs

To keep pace with the rate of technological change in the energy industry — and support the transition to net-zero — our client needed an online Learning and Development (L&D) solution that could give its employees the right skills to quickly move into more relevant roles, helping advance careers and the business.

Solution: Continuously evolving digital skills training for all

Using a thorough request for proposal process for selecting a new digital skills content provider, our client gathered feedback from across the business on employees’ needs. Udemy Business came out on top for high quality content, ease of use, and unique Learning Path capabilities. What’s more, our client was particularly attracted to the prospect of creating and maintaining stronger customer relationships through new-found skills.

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