BEST Transformer

BEST Transformer Acquires and Retains the Best Talent Through Online L&D

BEST Transformer is the biggest and most successful industrial-grade transformer manufacturer in Turkey — and is highly regarded in the region. The company employs more than 1,000 people, ranging from skilled engineers to back office administrators.

With ambitions to expand its operations overseas, BEST realized it needed to acquire and retain the best talent while also standardizing its practices for the international market. What’s more, COVID-19 lockdowns forced the company’s HR team to rethink its L&D strategy. Using Udemy Business, BEST has transformed its management upskilling program, better nurturing its internal talent — including recent graduates from Turkish universities — to boost employee satisfaction and reduce attrition.

Challenge: Small-scale and infrequent training lacking ambition

BEST transformer has the prestigious accolade of being Turkey’s biggest large- scale transformer manufacturer. As such, it exports more than half of what it makes to international markets, including Europe and the United States.

And with its eyes set on continued, rapid overseas growth, BEST prides itself on offering outstanding employee experiences and career development, helping it garner world-leading talent and ensuring it stays ahead of bigger multinational competitors.

But with a broad and superficial management training program across the company, BEST found it difficult to accelerate its soft skills training — not least to bring managers together in one place for each session. What’s more, BEST wanted to offer all its people a package of training options at no expense to employees, helping it develop careers and foster internal promotions.

The impact of enforced home working triggered by COVID-19 and the company’s aspiration to be an international brand also meant that BEST needed an online Learning and Development (L&D) platform that could offer access to training courses anytime, anywhere.

Solution: An L&D strategy fit for international growth

BEST has a widespread remote workforce and plans to grow its operations internationally. So, the flexibility and range of courses available in Udemy Business immediately stood out to BEST — not least because many of its employees were already purchasing Udemy training courses ad hoc.

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