Global Air Conditioning Manufacturing Company

How Learning  Boosts Employee  Engagement and  Retention at a Global Air Conditioning Manufacturing Company 

With a workforce spread across offices in more than 160 countries around the world, this Global Air Conditioning Manufacturing company wanted to transform a traditional, classroom – driven approach to learning to fit the needs of employees across a wide geographic area. With Udemy Business, their employees can now access over 6,000 courses, learning anything they want anytime it’s convenient. Employee engagement and retention are flourishing as a result.


Bring traditional trainings in line with the modern employee experience

Initially, they had a simple, straightforward approach to learning. Each year, the HR team scheduled a handful of training sessions to serve 500 employees. If an employee missed the training, there was no way for them to make up for it.

The biggest problem?

“Employees weren’t taking an interest or being proactive. We wanted to see more initiative from employees”, said a Talent Manager at the company. Hence came the need to create the culture of learning, with a strong partner.


A learning solution that employees already trusted 

The need for a scalable solution was urgent. “First, we considered LinkedIn Learning as a possible solution, but didn’t like the fact that it required employees to have a LinkedIn profile in order to access the course content.” 

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