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How Learning Boosts Employee Engagement and Retention at a Global Air Conditioning Manufacturing Company

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Total employee control over their learning
Attrition of Sales Team
Growth in L&D opportunities

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As one of the few manufacturers in the world to produce both air conditioners and refrigerants, this Global Air Conditioning Manufacturing Company has provided markets around the world with products and services harnessing its environmental technologies. From residential air conditioners to chemicals and medical equipment, they have strived with strong passion to pursue solutions related to the air – to control its temperature, humidity, flow, and cleanliness.

Bring traditional trainings in line with the modern employee experience

Initially, they had a simple, straightforward approach to learning. Each year, the HR team scheduled a handful of training sessions to serve 500 employees. If an employee missed the training, there was no way for them to make up for it.

The biggest problem?

“Employees weren’t taking an interest or being proactive. We wanted to see more initiative from employees”, said a Talent Manager at the company. Hence came the need to create the culture of learning, with a strong partner.

A learning solution that employees already trusted

The need for a scalable solution was urgent. “First, we considered LinkedIn Learning as a possible solution, but didn’t like the fact that it required employees to have a LinkedIn profile in order to access the course content.”

Then they were immediately drawn to Udemy for the privacy of the platform and its emphasis on self-directed, on-demand learning. “Our decision to choose Udemy Business over competitors was easy,” they recall. “From a library of fresh, highly – relevant courses to the ease of use and exceptional customer support, they offered everything we needed and more.”

“When we talked about how we could roll out the platform, the Udemy team had a lot of ideas for how we could collaborate and introduce the tool in a structured way,” they added.

Empower employees to learn anything

With the adoption of Udemy Business, the company’s learning and development would undergo a major transformation. Employees had 10 scheduled training sessions to choose from each year. Now they have over 6,000 courses they can take whenever they want, and to ensure they took advantage, the company created the “Wisdom 30” campaign.

Each office in the region put a Wisdom Tree on display to launch Wisdom 30. Employees received leaves where they could write their personal or professional learning goals. This created accountability and excitement.

In the first year of the campaign, employees could learn anything they wanted and the goal was to learn 30 hours per year per person. It could be anything at all — just start learning. Wisdom 30 gives employees total control over their learning. Managers could assign specific courses or create learning paths for their team members.

Enhance engagement and performance

The company sees a clear connection between learning and employee’s engagement. People feel more committed when they have the opportunity to improve themselves and know that the company is listening and cares about their career. When people feel like their work environment is positive, they think, “Why should I leave?”

The sales team is especially engaged with Udemy Business content. Some of the most popular courses include Successful Negotiation: Mastering Your Negotiation Skills and Understanding and Developing Your Emotional Intelligence.

Sales leaders have also created custom content for their teams and made it available through the Udemy platform. The results have been impressive. New customer acquisitions increased. Salespeople reported using the tricks they’ve picked up in the courses. Plus, there was zero attrition on the sales team in the past year. Before introducing Udemy Business, employees demonstrated concern about career development and now their HR department has seen improvement in satisfaction and retention.

Help managers and teams thrive in a remote setting

Like many companies, they faced major unexpected changes in 2020. Prior to the outbreak of COVID-19, they did not have a work-from-home culture. When shifting to working remotely, they leaned on Udemy content to help managers cope.

The company assigned How to Manage & Influence Your Virtual Team to everybody and the response was overwhelming from managers across the board. It continues to be one of the top-rated courses.

Many top managers approach HR with requests to assign courses and create learning paths. Company leaders used the opportunity to encourage learning and skill development.

Sales leaders have also created custom content for their teams and made it available through the Udemy platform. The results have been impressive. New customer acquisitions had increased. Salespeople reported using the tricks they’ve learned in the courses.

Talent Management Manager

Create a more structured learning experience

The first phase of “learn anything at all” helped employees take charge of their own learning. “We’re grateful to have a leader like our President and Chairman who made this learning revolution successful for all of us,” they add. “His firm belief in a people-centered management approach demonstrates that developing employees is key to business success and growth in the long run.”

Now that learning has become a habit for all employees, their Talent Manager plans to leverage data to learn what employees are learning and guide their progress. “We can keep a record on what employees need to learn and play a part if we want to introduce something in their learning path,” she said. “In the next phase, we are planning to introduce individual development plans and learning paths more broadly and add more structure, so employees have a vision and strategy for what comes next.

Our decision to choose Udemy Business over competitors was easy. From the library of fresh, highly-relevant courses to the ease of use and exceptional customer support, Udemy offered everything we needed and more.

Talent Management Manager

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