Getronics Saves £420,000 through Unified Online Global Learning and Development Program

Founded more than 130 years ago specializing in electrical installations, Dutch IT services provider Getronics now serves thousands of companies across more than 180 countries.

With 4,000 employees spread across 30 locations worldwide, Getronics found that its existing learning and development (L&D) program —while well established — lacked consistency across different countries. Getronics sought to deliver a standard L&D program for every employee and upskill its people to enhance their careers and increase the company’s capabilities. Getronics realized a proven online learning platform was the only way to deliver standardized training at scale and in a way that would cater to each individual’s training needs.

Challenge: Maintaining consistent L&D across the world

With an already popular learning and development program, Getronics is committed to giving its employees the skills they need to enhance their existing roles and improve their career prospects. But with its teams spread across the world and each location having its own HR lead responsible for the company’s L&D initiative, maintaining a consistent approach to employee development was a significant challenge.

“In addition to a lack of training consistency across Getronics locations, local HR leaders were also using a multitude of different online learning platforms,” says Salvatore Baglieri, Head of Learning and Development at Getronics. “This made it very difficult to comply with local employee training and development laws and ISO certifications.”

Getronics was also heavily reliant on external training and assessment providers for its employee accreditations — such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) certifications. With reporting capabilities and visibility into training schedules lacking — including which employees had completed certain courses — Salvatore knew he needed to consolidate the company’s L&D program.

Solution: Unified online learning that prioritizes personal development

Using Udemy Learning Paths, each line manager can now create custom training schedules for individual employees quickly and in a way that accurately reflects their needs. “In just a few minutes, group managers can set up nuanced learning paths for their people, Without Udemy Business, this process would normally take several hours.” says Salvatore.

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