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Accelerates Speed-to-market and Boosts Employee Satisfaction Through Online L&D

Boasting three centers of excellence in India and two offices in the United States, Harbinger Group provides software development to companies in the HR Tech, Ed Tech, Content / eLearning and Health Tech domains. The company has a key commitment to developing its people — one of Harbinger’s core values — using its learner-centric ecosystem to provide an end-to-end, self-directed learning experience. 

But with its learning and development (L&D) courses outsourced in the past to external trainers, Harbinger needed a cost-effective solution that would give its people immediate access to the wide-ranging skills training courses they needed — helping it reduce course completion times from months to just hours. 

Challenge: Outsourced learning creating missed opportunities

In the fast-paced world of software and new product development, the ability to react in real-time from a L&D perspective can offer a significant competitive advantage. For example, if a customer comes with a project proposal that needs your people to learn new technology skills, having an L&D program that supports quick upskilling can make all the difference.

With its L&D program somewhat reliant on external course trainers, the company found it difficult to react quickly to customer demands with the latest technical skills. “In the earlier days, our learning and upskilling program were largely in-person and instructor-led,” says Neville Postwalla, Associate Vice President – Talent Management at Harbinger Group. “And while we had our own internally developed learning management system (LMS), we found it challenging at times to respond to developing skills needs effectively — such as niche tech skills that require specialist courses.”

What’s more, the cost of outsourcing learning, combined with the time it took to complete individual courses (anything up to a day), meant that a significant proportion of Harbinger’s L&D budget wasn’t being used to its full potential.

To meet the speed-to-market expectations of its industry, and offer its people a truly employee-driven L&D experience, Harbinger needed an online L&D solution that could help it offer on-demand, access anywhere courses across a broad spectrum of legacy and latest skills.

Solution: A wide-ranging online learning platform with scope for integration

With Harbinger’s experience developing HR Tech solutions for its customers, its selection process for an online learning solution was thorough.

“The right solution had to tick all the boxes for us, from wideranging courses, user experience, easy to administer and monitor, and cost,” says Neville. “Amongst leading providers, Udemy Business immediately stood out to us as a front-runner. The company’s account managers filled us with confidence from the start, and the platform did everything we wanted it to do — in particular, providing the right courses for our employees’ needs.”

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