UST Boosts Diversity and Career Progression Through Comprehensive Online L&D

Operating across 32 countries globally, UST helps its clients transform their operations through the latest technology and progressive thinking — setting up companies’ futures with agile processes that evolve with the market. 

But with its existing Learning and Development (L&D) program heavily weighted towards technical roles, UST needed a way to prioritize soft skills, such as management techniques. 

Challenge: A technically-weighted L&D program in need of overhaul 

UST is a digital consultancy that helps some of the world’s biggest companies use the power of innovation and technology to engineer a better future for their clients and society at large. “Born to Learn” is one of UST’s foundational pillars, recognizing that learning agility is the most critical core competency employees need to ensure the business stays relevant. It’s why UST prides itself on an ingrained culture of learning that instills curiosity and self-driven development in its people. 

The company identified that a greater focus on soft skills would help its employees better transform the client experience. UST’s ultimate aim was to blend empathy, resilience, communication, conflict resolution, decision making, and critical thinking skills with data, AI, and digital technologies. 

“The program proved to be an amazing networking opportunity as well as a supportive environment for me and all the participants of the program to reflect on our strengths and weaknesses and set goals for our future development. Together we learned not just from the leaders and mentors of the program but from each other,” says a Delivery Lead at UST.

Keen to avoid a reactive solution for its L&D program which could risk creating a quickly outdated, less productive program, UST wanted a way to connect its team of remote and hybrid workers at a human level, giving them access to soft skill community learning on a global scale.  

Solution: Evolving soft skills training and diversity inclusion for all 

Using Udemy Business, UST has created a new competency-based technical and behavioral program — Win It — designed to support occupational skills standards through tailored learning plans for each employee. By identifying skill gaps and assigning courses, the new program helps employees gain the skills and competencies they need to perform in their current role, to execute a new job function, or to reach the next level in their career. 

With an intent to improve the organization’s talent management abilities, UST also uses Udemy Business to create customized content for its employees. The company hosts thematic sessions each month focused on one area of behavioral development — for example, mindfulness or personal branding. It then supplements this with mentoring sessions from UST’s subject-matter experts and leaders, leveraging the company’s significant internal experience and enhancing the overall employee experience. 

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