Acting Inclusively

Harnessing the power of uniqueness and belonging

Most Diversity & Inclusion programs focus solely on thoughts and theories. Acting Inclusively shares evidence-based practices and utilizes active learning to teach and reinforce actions and behaviors that help teams harness the power of diversity while maintaining a culture of engagement, belonging, and acceptance. In this course, learners will examine their own attitudes before understanding how to move beyond attitudes to actions that promote diversity and inclusion.

This one-week course is ideal for:

  • Individual Contributors & People Managers
  • HR & Diversity Practitioners
  • Senior Leadership
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Learners Will:

  • Complete assessments to determine current Diversity & Inclusion actions and attitudes
  • Understand and practice behaviors that support engagement and encourage innovation
  • Utilize proven tools and techniques that support inclusive behavior in the workplace

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  • Diversity & Inclusion


Stefanie Johnson

Director, The Doerr Institute for New Leaders at Rice University Professor, Department of Psychological Sciences at Rice University

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