Building Your Strategic Network

Develop strong relationships to advance your agenda and goals

In this course, learners create a networking strategy using a stepping stone approach to map out introductions and conversations that will begin to shape their strategic networks. They will evaluate their current networking styles and take steps to develop relationships that support their initiatives and career aspirations. They’ll learn how to leverage four types of networkers: boundary spanners, connectors, peripheral players, and sub groups in order to make connections up-and-down, across and beyond the organization. Participants practice communication methods that foster trust and learn to avoid barriers that hinder relationships.

This course combines a research-based framework, strategies and tools for communicating with diverse groups, and a proven work plan for moving an idea from concept to implementation.

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Learners Will:

  • Craft and improve a strategy for engaging in meaningful and successful strategic networking conversations
  • Use the Stepping Stone method to map out important relationships across the company’s informal organization
  • Practice strategic networking conversations
  • Overcome belief biases and the illusion of insight to improve one’s ability to connect with others

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Mario Moussa

President, Moussa Consulting and Adjunct Instructor, NYU and Educator, Duke Corporate Education

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