Cohort Learning

Large Global Life Sciences Company – Utilizing a Cohort-Based Learning Platform to Deliver Division Certification

The Asset Management Division at this Fortune 100 company oversees over $33 billion dollars in assets. In an effort to educate stakeholders across the supply chain, they created the Asset Management Certification Program, which teaches procurement practices and maintenance procedures for capital equipment across the entire global network. The program is wildly successful, with over $25 million dollars in cost avoidance, and over $50 million dollars in cost savings to date.


Despite the program’s initial success, the organization encountered substantial roadblocks in its efforts to scale the program to more members of the company. The first iteration of the program relied on face-to-face instruction, resulting in travel and lodging expenditures, time lost while employees are removed from production, and consulting fees for outside contractors to deliver in-person training. These factors, in addition to the personal impact of travel for participants, created significant barriers that prevented the certification program from rapidly deploying across the organization.


The objective was to create a faster, more cost-effective approach to administering the certification program, that was more convenient for participant’s schedules. Additionally, it was imperative that the quality of instruction did not diminish throughout the process.

CorpU Solution

The company worked with CorpU to virtualize the asset management certification program into an online cohort-based program. A guided learning journey was built into the CorpU platform, utilizing instructional materials for the certification program, and custom videos filmed by the client’s team. At the conclusion of the program, participants would complete the same certification exam, now in an online format.

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