Becoming A Vigilant Leader

Successfully Navigating Digital Turbulence

Vigilant organizations create more customer and shareholder value than competitors because they pursue a higher number of viable responses to digital turbulence.

A key principle for responding to digital turbulence means increasing the organization’s readiness to take action when the timing is right. Through this course, leaders will learn how to implement a system of vigilance, and master new approaches for sensing, probing and interpreting weak signals in the external environment.

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Learners Will:

  • Assess their company’s vigilance quotient
  • Apply a new toolkit to develop a system of vigilance inside their organization
  • Ask the “right questions” to learn from the past, examine the present and envision the future

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Paul Schoemaker

Former research director at the Mack Institute for Innovation Management, Wharton and Founder of Decision Strategies International

George Day

Former Professor Emeritus of Marketing, the Wharton School and formerly taught at Stanford University, the University of Toronto, MIT, Harvard Business School, and the London Business School

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