Engaging People for High Performance

Learn How to Improve Employee Engagement by Helping Employees Fulfill Their Potential

“Gallup research has been measuring employee engagement for over 50 years and the results are consistent and clear. Employee engagement strongly correlates to key organizational outcomes in any economic climate. It is a competitive differentiator for organizations and has the biggest impact on improving engagement. One of Gallup’s biggest discoveries is that the manager or team leader accounts for 70% of the variance in team engagement. Organizations can directly impact engagement within their organization by developing managers and leaders.

Gallup found that leaders that score in the top half of their org in employee engagement have nearly double the odds of success (based on a composite of financial, customer, retention, safety, quality, shrinkage, and absenteeism metrics) when compared with those in the bottom half. Employee engagement affects nine performance outcomes, including productivity, profitability, turnover, safety incidents and quality. This course arms teams with tools and practices to drive employee engagement and improve key business metrics.”

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Learners Will:

  • Be introduced to practical approaches to generate higher engagement
  • Analyze the stage of your team’s organization development and engagement
  • Identify and share engagement practices to utilize within their team

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Kim Cameron

William Russell Kelly Professor of Management and Organizations in the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan and Associate Dean of Executive Education in the Ross School

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