Harnessing Data Analytics For Your Organization Program

Prepare Leadership Teams to Work With Data Scientists

Organizations that are willing, ready, and able to take on the challenge of harnessing data science to make predictions about their customers, the market, and their organization are able to stand well above their peers. However, other organizations struggle to unleash this power: progress is stymied by misunderstanding, poor data strategy, and lack of a common language between teams. The directive to make data-driven decisions flounders as teams struggle to understand the fundamental principles of data science.

Harnessing Data Analytics for Your Organization will allow businesses to move forward into the opportunities that predictive analytics holds. This course prepares teams to productively engage with industry operations.

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Learners Will:

  • Attain a highly functional familiarity with key data mining concepts.
  • Attain a data proposal that will be crowd-sourced via Idea Tournament to evaluate, hone, and provide to their organization for implementation
  • Attain the ability to unpack their organization’s current data strategy and propel the organization into new levels of data maturity

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Foster Provost

Professor, Information Systems and Andre Meyer Faculty Fellow at NYU Stern School of Business

Vasant Dhar

Professor, NYU Stern School of Business and Co-Director of the Center for Business Analytics

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