Emerging Leader

An Innovative Leadership Development Program Designed by World-Renowned Experts for Emerging Leaders and High-Potential Professionals

The Emerging Leader Program is a virtual leadership development program designed for early-career professionals and potential management candidates. This program teaches the skills, tools, and habits used by successful leaders. Learners will explore core leadership concepts to help them communicate their ideas, make better decisions, and negotiate more effectively. Our collaborative platform allows participants to learn with and from other emerging leaders in a discussion-rich environment focused on action-learning.

Week One: Harnessing Stress for Success

  • Assess the stress mindset
  • Identify an area that is causing stress to observe your thoughts, feelings and beliefs, the actions or inaction taken in response, and the resulting physical sensations
  • Identify personal values connected to a stress response
  • Practice techniques to welcome stress
  • Identify the anchors used to trigger a 3-step response to stress
  • Reassess the stress mindset

Week Two: Leading with Character and Competence

  • Understand why the first person the leader must lead is themselves
  • Explore 5 simple truths of leadership
  • Identify personal core values that will shape one’s ability to be an authentic leader
  • Recognize why leaders in the 21st century must lead with both heart and mind
  • Learn what it means to be a selfless leader
  • Explore the attribute of humility and its importance in leadership
  • Discover the value in learning from mistakes
  • Develop a personal leadership philosophy and identify ways to communicate it

Week Three: The Importance of Positive Leadership

  • Review the business case for positive leadership
  • Understand the heliotropic effect
  • Recognize the power in expressions of gratitude to foster positive work climate
  • Assess one’s own positive leadership practices
  • Assess organization-level positive leadership practices
  • Discover the attributes of positively energizing leaders and why they get results
  • Learn to develop positive energy networks
  • Collaborate on best practices for demonstrating positive leadership

Weeks Four & Five: Building Your Strategic Network

  • Assess one’s style of networking
  • Understand the “stepping stone” strategy
  • Think strategically about conversations
  • Conduct a planned conversation
  • Explain the “why” of ideas
  • Learn methods to enhance credibility and build trust
  • Use mirroring and authenticity to do credible networking
  • Secure individual and organizational commitment
  • Review persuasion styles
  • Conduct a polished conversation

Week Six: Thinking Fast

  • Make a decision given the facts of a business school case study
  • Use a decision-making toolkit to help a team create the right frame for considering a problem
  • Use questions in the decision-making toolkit to recognize and overcome four common biases that lead teams to the wrong conclusion
  • Use the decision-making toolkit to match a decision-making approach to a problem
  • Use the decision-making toolkit to guide a team through a process of learning from experience
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Learners Will:

  • Learn about behaviors that drive higher performance
  • Practice skills to communicate with confidence
  • Understand how to build a professional network

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Shawn Achor

Author, The Happiness Advantage

John Austin

Professor, Leadership Studies, Fielding Graduate University

Kim Cameron

William Russell Kelly Professor, Ross School of Business, University of Michigan

Alia Crum

Assistant Professor of Psychology, Stanford University

Mario Moussa

Author, President of Moussa Consulting

Hal Movius

Founder & President, Movius Consulting

Lawrence Susskind

Professor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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