Building Agility Through Horizontal Processes

Mature S&OP to Orchestrate Plans That Shift With Markets

Historically, much of our focus in supply chain management has been on building the vertical processes of source, make, and deliver. Strong vertical processes offer organizations a high degree of leverage and control, but also expose them to higher levels of risk. As supply chains increasingly operate on a global scale, with supply chain organizations relying on partners beyond their four walls, horizontal processes become critical to driving success. The most common horizontal processes are revenue management, sales and operations planning (S&OP), new product launch, supplier development, and corporate social responsibility (CSR). These horizontal processes bridge the links of the supply chain to give it structure, purpose, and connectivity. They also enable companies to find greater savings in the gaps between processes, and to get the best costs by analyzing the trade-offs among functions.

Through this course, learners will identify opportunities to improve or develop horizontal processes to identify and drive new supply chain efficiencies.

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Learners Will:

  • Explore common horizontal processes including S&OP and corporate social responsibility
  • Discover how Campbell’s Soup, Sonoco Products, and Kroger have redesigned their networks to better serve consumers and improve sustainability

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Lora Cecere

Founder of Supply Chain Insights and Industry Analyst at Gartner, AMR Research, and Altimeter Group

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