XP Inc.

XP Inc. Unifies and Scales its L&D Strategy to Upskill and Empower its Employees

XP Inc. is a Brazilian investment management company offering wide- ranging products and services from private pension products to wealth management. And while the company is headquartered in São Paulo, it operates several offices around Brazil and offers their employees the flexibility to work remotely.

But before the COVID-19 pandemic, XP Inc lacked the capabilities to provide a seamless and consistent online Learning and Development (L&D) experience for all its employees. After launching its new LMS, XP Inc looked to the Udemy Business platform for its wide- ranging L&D courses, deep-dive user insights, and comprehensive account support. platform.

Challenge: A complicated L&D environment in need of unity

Boasting more than 3.5 million customers across Brazil and 22% annual asset growth, XP Inc. has gone from strength to strength in recent years and is trusted by its customers to deliver reliable wealth planning products and services.

But with rapid success comes significant business challenges: how to scale the business in a way that ensures the right people are in the right roles, consistent L&D opportunities for everyone, and staying true to the company’s core values.

XP Inc realized that one of the ways to achieve these goals was through specific training curated by internal experts on various topics relevant to the business’ aims and employees’ career aspirations. But with no unified L&D platform to manage all this content across technical and commercially focused teams, ensuring consistency and creating customized training programs was a significant challenge.

And while the company launched its own learning management system, it lacked the wide range of content its teams needed to upskill and excel in their careers. To help unify its L&D program and make it accessible anywhere, XP Inc. needed an online learning solution with the scalability to keep pace with rapid company growth.

Solution: A wealth of L&D content at the touch of a button — anywhere

After surveying its employees’ L&D needs, it soon became clear to XP Inc’s L&D team that Udemy Business would be the way forward. “We listened to our people about what and how they wanted to learn, and most made it clear Udemy Business was their preferred platform,” says Sarah. “So, we went straight to trialing the platform to test user adoption. Everyone loved it — it made such a difference from day one that we didn’t look into anything else.”

From the company’s technical and financial markets to back office roles, different areas at XP Inc now have access to the Udemy Business platform, offering significant opportunities to upskill. For example, XP Inc’s technical team had a disproportionate number of junior team members that needed to learn new skills quickly. Using Udemy Business, these employees now have bespoke Learning Paths to help them upskill on new tech stacks quicker than ever before.

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