Valtech Grows its Talent Base and Nurtures Wide-Ranging Skills with Udemy Business

Operating across more than 60+ locations worldwide and with clients such as L’Oréal, easyJet, and Volkswagen on its books, Valtech is one of the world’s leading business transformation companies — with expertise covering strategy consulting, marketing services, digital platforms and connected experiences.

But tasked with a goal to rapidly double its headcount and expand its operations in Ukraine, the country’s Learning and Development (L&D) leaders realized the company needed to scale its training and talent nurture program, helping maintain its growth trajectory and build its local skills base.

Challenge: In-person training unequipped for rapid expansion and changing demands

While Valtech’s operations across the world are extensive, the company prides itself on leveraging its scale to provide localized services delivered by experts who truly understand the regions in which their clients operate.

For Valtech in Ukraine, this strategy has been essential to its rapid growth, significantly scaling its workforce to meet clients’ demands for services requiring the latest technology and platform expertise. But with the company’s goal to double its headcount in Ukraine by the end of 2022, Valtech’s L&D team realized it had a significant task ahead. For example, its existing training program was inconsistent, relying on infrequent, in-person mentoring that didn’t fit the requirements of modern tech skills nurturing.

What’s more, the company was acutely aware that it had a senior skills base that outweighed its junior talent. They wanted to create engineering specialisations, helping it give hands-on opportunities to promising graduates and hopefully nurture the best prospects into fully-fledged employees.

To help modernize its outdated L&D strategy and nurture junior talent at scale, Valtech in Ukraine needed a blended learning solution that could offer the breadth of courses its broad workforce needed, as well as provide more personalized learning tools tailored to individual roles.

Solution: Online learning that’s designed to nurture skills and talent

“We were already aware of Udemy Business because many of our technical colleagues used the platform to study ad-hoc courses and certifications,” says Nataliia Taylor, Head of People & Culture at Valtech Ukraine. “We knew it would help us decentralize our L&D to give our people more freedom, build our own programs, scale niche technical skills, and ramp up the growth of more junior specialists.”

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