Workplace 2.0: The Promise of the Skills-Based Organization

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There is great promise for organizations that can adopt a skills-based approach, leveraging skills as the building blocks of their talent processes, rather than degrees, formal qualifications, or rigid job roles. 

Through skills-based practices, companies have the potential to produce meaningful business outcomes, increasing productivity, agility, and business continuity, while filling skills gaps and addressing talent shortages. Equally important, they have the opportunity to improve employee experience while accelerating career development and increasing internal mobility. Employees may even be able to find better-paying, more meaningful work and advance their careers without having to rely on traditional measures of job readiness: academic degrees and professional experience that may not be equally accessible to all. 

In this survey report, we benchmark the progress companies are making toward a skills-based approach and answer these essential questions: How can organizations realize the promise and potential of skills-based approaches? What outcomes have they seen already, and what, if anything, could be holding them back from this improved vision of the workplace? 

Our survey report focuses on these key topics:

  • The conditions that make this the time to move to a skills-based approach
  • An overview of organizations’ progress in implementing skills-based practices
  • Employee sentiment around the move to skills-based practices to measure their real impact
  • How leaders can best step up to the skills-based challenge and guide the journey
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