Vendini increases employee performance through engaged learning

Vendini’s Chief People Officer, Susan Hollingshead, believes that access to learning should be as accessible and standard as providing health insurance to employees. Vendini, a ticketing management software company, has implemented Udemy for Business to build a culture of learning and to help employees grow professionally. From empowering managers with learning management tools to incorporating Udemy for Business courses into training programs, Susan has found that in order to keep employees engaged, learning must be integrated into the flow of work.

Learning right from the start

New hires are introduced to Udemy for Business right when they start. Creating and hosting custom onboarding videos are a great way to scale new hire orientation and to get new employees familiar with Udemy for Business. As new hires, they are not only encouraged to browse content that might help them in their current role but they also have the freedom to explore any topic they might be interested in. Through early adoption and familiarity with Udemy for Business, employees at Vendini stay engaged with learning.

Managers help increase engagement by 125%

By extending the responsibility of L&D role to managers, Susan believes that employees will find even more meaning and value in learning at work. With the introduction of Group Admin — a role within Udemy for Business that gives managers the ability to assign and manage courses — she saw a 125% increase in the number of active learners on Udemy. Recommendations coming from direct managers make learning more personalized and geared to the needs of team members. Whether it’s recommending courses for career development or areas of improvement, Susan believes that employees are more engaged with learning when it’s prompted by those they work closely with.

Effective manager training

Susan also integrates Udemy for Business courses into her regular in-person L&D programs. For feedback training, she had participants take Larry Miller’s, Giving and Receiving Feedback — A Quick Course before the session and asked them to think about specific situations where they had to give feedback. “Employees could prepare on their own time — they could take the course at home or even on their mobile devices, so it’s really helpful that the content is so accessible.”

Participants arrived at the feedback training session prepared to talk about their situations and about what they learned in Larry Miller’s course. The dialogue was productive and fueled practical conversations on how to improve feedback with their teammates. “It was extremely effective — from assigning employees a Udemy for Business course beforehand to reinforcement and practice in person — you could tell that people were really engaged.”

Learning leads to increased performance

Another way employees stay engaged with learning is the direct impact it makes on work performance. One of the top learners at Vendini has advanced her career by taking soft skills courses on Udemy for Business. As a recently promoted Sales Manager, she was able to leverage courses like Public Speaking by TJ Walker and The Leadership Workshop by Seth Godin to grow her management skills and improve her team’s performance. Her leadership skills not only motivate her team, but they’ve also improved their metrics as a sales team as well.

Staying ahead through learning

Whether it’s involving managers in their team’s development or the positive effects on work performance, Susan leverages Udemy for Business to build a culture of learning. By providing them with unlimited access to great content and integrating learning into all areas of the business, she keeps employees engaged by offering them the opportunity to grow personally and professionally.