An Employee Centric Learning Model Leads Tetrasoft Inc. through the Digital Transformation

Tetrasoft, a global IT and consulting services company, harnesses the power of technology to help customers thrive in the digital era. In a time where new technical software, systems, and processes evolve every couple of years, Director of Digital Services, Suresh Garimella, had to ensure his company was fluent in key digital skills. This meant upskilling employees from the legacy technologies they had become experts in and leading Tetrasoft through digital transformation. To kick off this initiative, Tetrasoft first looked to their employees.

Identifying a learning solution that works

As Tetrasoft put together the strategy to accomplish this endeavor, the first step was to include employee feedback. “I wanted to make sure our people were part of the journey. They had to have a voice in order for this to work.” Suresh and his team utilized the company town hall to collect feedback on what each of the employees needed from an effective learning solution. The resounding feedback was that they wanted to be able to learn on their own time and at their own pace as well. Employees wanted a provider that would help them become digitally savvy enough to immediately apply what they’ve learned to projects they were working on.

With a clear idea of how employees preferred to learn, the next step was to identify the key technologies his organization needed to invest in. Through research of trending digital skills, Tetrasoft narrowed the focus to four main areas: big data and analytics, business process management, automation, and cloud & mobility. From Hadoop to BPM to DevOps, Tetrasoft needed a learning solution that not only met the needs of employees but also had enough content around these 4 technical competencies. Tetrasoft decided to leverage the unique content model of Udemy for Business after comparing other leading online publishers.

On-demand digital enablement

By partnering with the Udemy for Business Customer Success and Content team, subject matter experts at Tetrasoft were able to map out the relevant courses in each area of focus. From courses like Scala and Spark for Big Data and Machine Learning, to Learn DevOps: CI/CD with Jenkins using Pipelines and Docker, Tetrasoft employees who took part of this learning program were able to take these courses on-demand and at their own pace. With the different courses available to them, employees were able to go deeper on some technical skills and even explore other areas of interest as well.

Tetrasoft made sure they supported the time and effort it took for these employees to learn and onboard the new technologies. “We provided these courses and gave them time to develop themselves. They were able to learn on their own time but we also allocated weekly time budgeted towards learning and set aside a dedicated room where they could learn undisturbed,” said Suresh.

As a result of learning on Udemy for Business, employees who participated in the learning program were able to create new technical solutions that they could apply to current customers and show new clients. They were able to take more opportunities in the digital space and immediately apply the skills they had acquired.

Preparing for the skills of tomorrow

As Tetrasoft introduces more people to digital enablement program, he is encouraged by the energy and demand for learning from his employees. “We are driven by competition to be digitally ready in today’s world and Udemy for Business helps us accomplish that transformation. These are skills they can use now and in the future.” – COO, SriRaama Evani