Matillion Attracts, Retains & Develops Top Talent Using Online Learning & Development 

Having tripled its employee count in less than three years, Matillion – The Data Productivity Cloud – has gone from strength to strength, demonstrating its commitment to fostering the world’s best talent. 

Matillion realized it needed to scale its Talent Development resources in line with its rapid growth. Using Udemy Business, Matillion’s Talent Development team has developed a portfolio of employee development resources — including custom Learning  Paths — helping drive continual career development and safeguarding the company’s core guiding principles

Challenge: Rapid growth outstripping existing L&D capabilities 

Matillion is the brainchild of two intrepid entrepreneurs — Matthew Scullion and Ed Thompson — who began writing their platform’s code and the company’s values simultaneously on day one. 

It’s these values — confidence without arrogance, integrity, customer obsession, innovation, bias for action, and care for people and communities — that continue to be the blueprint for how Matillioners conduct themselves in everything they do.

But as Director of Talent Development, John Nardone, explains, there was a point where Matillion suffered from its own success: “Three years ago, we employed around 200 people. That’s since risen to more than 700. But even before this huge headcount rise, we were very aware that we had to continually improve our Talent Development offering to stay ahead of our competition. As a values-based business, losing sight of our guiding principles was non-negotiable.” 

Part of Matillion’s scalability problem was the need to onboard new employee cohorts each week across as many as ten time zones — all without sacrificing consistency, quality and engagement. What’s more, Matillion also wanted to nurture the right home-grown talent for its leadership positions based on pre-defined, structured pathways. 

As the company’s list of ambitions grew ever longer, Matillion realized the need for an online learning platform that could offer a wide range of courses, covering everything from technical certifications to mindfulness techniques, which would allow people to  learn at their own pace in an asynchronous way.

Solution: A comprehensive learning tool driven by human investment

With countless nuanced roles at Matillion, the company needed to find an online learning solution that could match the same breadth of skills necessary for growing operations. Selecting Udemy Business for its 6,000+ courses and Learning Paths capabilities, the company’s Talent Development team got to work creating custom learning paths for its people. 

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