Acuity, Inc.

Acuity, Inc. Rapidly Scales Learning and Development with Udemy Business

Acuity Inc., offers technical expertise to some of the United States’ top federal agencies, providing the technology guidance they need to serve the nation’s citizens. After winning a major contract in 2019, Acuity grew by 50% — which meant significantly scaling its learning and development efforts quickly. 

Acuity wanted to deliver high-quality, on-demand learning to all its employees, no matter their role in the organization. The learning content also needed to meet all the company’s technical certification needs, and offer content specific to its three technology partners: AWS, Microsoft, and ServiceNow.

Challenge: The need for scalable learning and development resources

When you’re responsible for delivering deep domain expertise to federal agencies who protect the nation’s citizens, your technical knowledge needs to be at the cutting edge. That’s why learning and development (L&D) has continuously been a priority at Acuity, Inc.  

Previously, the consulting firm used an online learning platform across its teams, but less than half of its 200 employees had access. When the company won a big contract, it needed to double its employee headcount, and its existing platform didn’t have the resources it needed to grow its L&D initiatives.

“We wanted to find a new online learning platform that could help our company scale its L&D capabilities — and crucially, we wanted everyone in the company to have a license,” says Juliann Winn, Training and Development Manager at Acuity. “We wanted to show our employees that we’re dedicated to everyone’s learning.”

Acuity’s learning platform also had to include high-quality, regularly updated content, especially on solutions from the company’s three main technology vendors: Microsoft, AWS, and ServiceNow. “The technology market moves rapidly, so our consultants must stay up to speed,” says Juliann. “We needed on-demand access to learning 24/7, all year round.” 

Solution: Convenient, on-demand L&D — for everyone 

After considering multiple L&D platforms, Acuity implemented Udemy Business, providing licenses for every employee in the organization. 

“Udemy Business’ content was the most comprehensive and relevant solution for our learners’ needs, particularly in our focus technology areas,” explains Juliann. “Also, the platform’s interface was simple for our users to navigate and even easier for my team to manage behind the scenes.”

The fast-moving nature of the technology industry means that Acuity’s consultants frequently need to train themselves in new certifications to help their clients, and Udemy Business supports them. 

“We had a clear list of certifications we needed a platform to support, and Udemy Business checked all the boxes,” says Juliann. “The platform’s content is also frequently updated, and they remove any outdated content, so I can always feel confident I’m sending people the right resources.” 

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