Manager Essentials: Supporting a Growth Mindset

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Many innovative organizations share a common trait — they cultivate a workplace culture that encourages a growth mindset. That is, the belief that employees and teams can influence their own success by learning from failures and embracing feedback to improve on future efforts. 

Every organization and its people can develop a growth mindset. For leaders, engaging in behaviors that model such a mindset is the first step to building a culture that values candor and self-improvement. By building growth-oriented practices into everyday interactions with their teams, managers can help steer their employees away from less constructive perspectives that hinder development. 

In this workbook, Manager Essentials: Supporting a Growth Mindset, you’ll get tips for cultivating a growth mindset in yourself and your team. You’ll also learn:

  • The benefits of fostering a growth mindset on your team
  • How to reframe challenges as opportunities
  • Ways to help your team get comfortable with receiving feedback
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