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Optare Solutions Gains Multilingual Online Learning at Scale — Driving Business Growth and Career Development

Optare Solutions is trusted by major telecom operators worldwide to deliver leading industry expertise and services. Their extensive work includes 2,000 projects for more than 30 telecom operators in 20 different countries. But as the company expanded into new geographies, offering consistent employee onboarding and career development became a significant challenge. 

Combined with hybrid working off the back of COVID-19, the company was forced to rethink its Learning and Development (L&D) strategy. Using Udemy Business, Optare Solutions has created a multilingual learning culture that gives its people more control over their career development, while also delivering upskilling opportunities in competencies critical for business growth. 

Challenge: An L&D strategy built for a world that no longer exists  

Optare Solutions is a leading telecoms system integrator, offering services ranging from fulfillment and assurance processes to API management platforms. Its primary operations — including its headquarters — are in Spain, but the company has recently expanded its reach to Mexico, Poland, and Portugal. 

In fact, Optare Solutions’ global expansion is one of the reasons the company struggled to offer a comprehensive Learning and Development (L&D) program to its people. For example, with all of the company’s processes in Spanish, onboarding new international colleagues became a significant challenge. 

What’s more, all of Optare Solutions’ L&D was ad hoc and in person, meaning that when employees worked from home during COVID-19, most missed out on valuable career development. 

Time zone differences between each office also posed a challenge, hampering any chance of a unified training program. Moreover, the company was growing at such a rate that Optare Solutions found it almost impossible to organize training for large groups. 

“Before COVID-19, we had ambitious L&D plans, but they were still in their infancy,” says Gonzalo Roca, Operations Manager at Optare Solutions. “Our onboarding program was all on Google Sheets from a mix of different sources. It made follow ups a significant challenge, meaning it was almost impossible to track completion times and content consumption.” 

To deal with a multilingual, hybrid workforce during a time of significant business growth, Optare Solutions needed an online L&D solution that could help it unify its onboarding program across multiple time zones. It also needed a platform to help it change the structure of its L&D program to foster comprehensive career paths for all.  

Solution: Expertly developed courses — available anytime, anywhere 

Optare Solutions tried OpenWebinars — a Spanish language L&D platform — but struggled with the platform’s lack of multilingual support, something that would have significantly restricted growth. That’s why the company chose Udemy Business: for its wide catalog of multilingual courses, custom integrations, and Learning Path capabilities. 

“We chose Udemy Business for its breadth of tech content, Learning Paths, and custom courses,” says Gonzalo. “Besides its scale, Udemy Business is extremely adaptable — this was an amazing surprise.” 

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