A culture of learning drives innovation at Malwarebytes

“Always Learning” is a core value and driving principle for the L&D team at Malwarebytes, an anti-malware software for desktop and mobile.

“Don’t wait until you’re too big to invest in learning. Get buy in early,” says Brent Boeckman, Global Learning and Development Manager at Malwarebytes. Growing from a  team of 100 to almost 700 employees today, Brent strongly believes building a culture of learning is the driving force behind innovation, employee growth, and ultimately, what propels his company forward.

Python in 30 days

As a leading solution for anti-malware software, speed and efficiency are critical to Malwarebytes’ growth and success. Yet, the Quality Assurance (QA) team was weighed down by time-consuming manual processes. To improve productivity and effectiveness, the QA team manager identified new technology to automate the process and looked for training solutions to help upskill his team.

Investment in existing talent

In addition to QA automation, Malwarebytes also needed to move their products to a cloud infrastructure. To accomplish this project, engineers were required to be certified for Amazon Web Services (AWS). Instead of looking for new talent to hire, existing Malwarebytes engineers enrolled in on-demand AWS training and certification on Udemy for Business. Brent adds, “not only were we able to successfully accomplish the cloud infrastructure project with our existing teams, employees were also able to develop
themselves professionally and learn new skills.”

Employees first

With a strong emphasis on building a culture of learning at Malwarebytes, Brent understands the need to focus on employees first. Not only is it important to upskill people for their current roles, but they must also nurture individual development. This meant Malwarebytes needed a long term, engaging, L&D solution.

With dynamic course formats and strong content on technical skills like Amazon Web Services and Python, Brent utilizes Udemy for Business to help employees at Malwarebytes accomplish whatever comes next. “One of the things that makes our company great is our people and we invest in them through our core value of always learning.”

A marketplace model that works

After thorough evaluation of several learning platforms, Brent chose Udemy for Business for its dynamic and engaging content. Within weeks, he saw incredible learner engagement, and an adoption rate of more than 40%.

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