IDC finds that Udemy for Business delivers 869% ROI to organizations

“The biggest benefit of Udemy for Business is being able to upskill in the shortest period of time. The most important thing is how quickly our staff can go from having no skills to legitimate skills.” – a Udemy for Business customer

We know that successfully communicating the ROI of learning and development across the organization can be an uphill battle. At Udemy for Business, we wanted to help prove the value of having a strategic learning partner and worked with analyst firm IDC to understand the business value we provide our customers.

How Organizations Realize the Benefits of Udemy for Business

By providing access to high-quality and relevant training content to employees, Udemy for Business customers reported significant value within their businesses. With Udemy for Business’ partnership and access to business-relevant courses, teams across the board achieve higher productivity levels as they apply skills and knowledge gained from the platform. With Udemy for Business’ on-demand and engaging training content, employees can discover and learn skills that closely match their needs and learn in a way that fits their schedules.

In total, IDC calculates that an organization offering Udemy for Business to its employees will achieve annual benefits worth $4.32 million per organization per year ($5,191 per employee trained) by:

  • Increasing Reach:
    Cost-effective licensing allows organizations to offer learning globally and across dispersed workforces, and reach more employees with relevant content
  • Offering Time-Efficient Content:
    Targeted, relevant, and engaging content from a broader dynamic marketplace enables employees to learn in real-time and gain more value from training content
  • Improving Performance:
    High-quality content taught by real-world experts enables employees to perform better at their jobs
  • Onboarding New Employees More Effectively:
    Internal training content and additional skills development courses help employees onboard faster to reach full productivity in less time
  • Supporting the Business:
    Effective content, including courses for employees seeking certification, help organizations attain core business metrics, including generating more revenue

“For what you get with Udemy for Business, it’s head and shoulders above a lot of the others. Udemy for Business just nails it.”

You can take a deeper look at these findings by downloading the full report.

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