FintechOS Gains Complete L&D Standardization Across its Global Teams 

Through its low- and no-code development software, FintechOS offers its customers a fast and simple way to build and deploy innovative financial products — helping create competitive differentiation and deeper client relationships. 

To deliver software with this scale and convenience, FintechOS relies heavily on its workforce of skilled professionals. But with no formal Learning and Development (L&D) strategy, the company found it difficult to develop its employees’ careers and respond to customer demands for new products and services. 

With Udemy Business, the company has found a strategic L&D partner and platform that offers wide-ranging content coupled with more nuanced Learning Paths, giving its people greater control over their careers and helping FintechOS better plan for the future.  

Challenge: Upskilling a hybrid global workforce to benefit careers and customers 

FintechOS’s “drag and drop” front-end financial services software for banks and insurers is designed to reduce the need to employ skilled developers, allowing its customers to create innovative products and services cost-effectively and at speed. 

The software’s front-end simplicity lies in its back-end sophistication, requiring a large team of skilled developers to be on top of their game in terms of programming languages and techniques.

But as Jonathan Smith, Head of Performance, Enablement and Culture at FintechOS, explains, Learning and Development (L&D) was lacking: “As a fast-growing company moving from startup to scale up, little attention had been given to L&D, with expensive and time-consuming ad-hoc training courses being the only avenue for skills development. Nobody was really talking about career progression at that point.”

It was also around this time that FintechOS’s customers were increasingly asking for new software features that the company lacked the in-house skills to deliver. Moreover, many employees were requesting greater, more convenient opportunities to upskill. 

At this point, the company identified an opportunity to improve customer and employee satisfaction while reducing costs. “I believe that L&D has to help people perform better,” says Jonathan. “But as a company, you also need to identify the performance gaps and have the insights to move people into roles where they’ll be most effective. Coupled with the fact we’ve been a hybrid company from day one, we decided to choose an online L&D solution.” 

Solution: Standardized training through anytime, anywhere training courses 

With an immediate need for greater programming language upskilling opportunities, FintechOS’s L&D team trialed several solutions with employees from across the business. “We initially looked at three solutions — Udemy Business, LinkedIn Learning, and Pluralsight,” says Jonathan. “We then conducted an employee poll. Udemy Business was by far the most popular due to its breadth of courses, including soft skills, such as management techniques.”

The Udemy Business platform now gives FintechOS’s technical developers access to a wide range of certification training sessions, which help the company offer additional capabilities. 

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