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RSM Australia Bolsters Digital Transformation and IT Upskilling with Online Learning

Founded almost a century ago, RSM Australia forms part of the sixth-largest professional services network in the world. And with a significant footprint across Australia, it’s one of the country’s biggest success stories.

But with just under 1,500 employees working out of 32 offices across Australia, the firm’s approach to learning and development (L&D) for the national IT team was disparate and reactive, with team managers lacking clear visibility over staff development and certifications. Under pressure to deliver an ambitious digital transformation program and maintain business as usual during COVID-19, RSM needed a way to deliver relevant training courses to its IT team, enabling the firm to better anticipate its future skills needs and improve its speed to market.

Challenge:  Anticipating tomorrow’s skills gaps — today

Being part of the world’s sixth-largest professional services network takes expert customer service, a reputation for delivering outstanding work, and above all, maintaining skillsets relevant not just for today’s needs, but also tomorrow. For RSM’s IT team, this means staying abreast of the latest technologies and planning for its long-term resourcing needs.

But with a disparate approach to L&D, made worse by limited management visibility over what in-house skills were available, developing its IT team’s critical skillsets in line with the firm’s digital transformation ambitions was a significant challenge.With a comprehensive digital transformation program underway, RSM needed specialist in-house skills that matched the the latest technology releases — such as new Microsoft Azure services. The firm’s IT leadership decided that a proven online learning platform would be the most effective way to deliver wide-ranging courses for its people and gain access to nuanced reporting insights.

Solution: Nuanced online learning that benefits individuals’ careers and the needs of the business

With an existing roadmap in place to improve the firm’s skillsets and processes for the future, RSM’s IT team investigated three leading online learning platforms: Udemy Business, Pluralsight, and LinkedIn Learning.

Using Udemy Learning Paths, RSM’s IT team now has specialized content personalized to their individual L&D needs — particularly vendor-specific IT certifications, such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services.

Also making a huge impact with senior management is the single Udemy dashboard for all the firm’s L&D reports. RSM’s IT leadership has a complete overview of its team’s goals and performance.

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