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Global Consulting Firm Leverages Cloud Learning to Drive $1.048B Revenue Growth

As one of the largest professional services companies with offices in over 150 countries and territories around the world, this highly respected global Firm leverages skilled client service teams to deliver powerful business solutions across a broad range of audit and assurance, consulting, financial advisory, risk, and tax services.

Being able to effectively meet client needs and provide the superior service for which the Firm is known worldwide means ensuring the workforce is trained to operate at the speed of today’s business, in touch with the latest challenges, innovations, and solutions. As such, when the Firm saw its cloud engagements and opportunities accelerating at an incredible pace, it launched a dedicated Cloud Institute to deliver the specialized applied learning curriculum necessary to succeed in this hyper-growth market.

Challenge: Rapid upswing in cloud opportunities creates immediate learning needs

In keeping with the Firm’s burgeoning demand for fast, effective cloud training at scale, the Cloud Institute set out to establish a blended learning program that would combine instructor-led classes, peer cohorts, and self-paced learning pathways—with the ultimate goal of preparing employees for key roles in cloud transformation engagements, including Developer, Architect, Engineer, Strategist, and AI/Analytics. At the same time, the Cloud Institute sought to boost the Firm’s sales pipeline by dramatically increasing employees’ certifications with leading cloud service providers. For example, as part of the Firm’s partnership with Amazon Web Services, the Cloud Institute set a long-term target of achieving 50,000 new AWS certifications globally.

Global Consulting Firm Leverages Cloud Learning to Drive $1.048B Revenue Growth4 To reach these goals, of course, the Firm’s Cloud Institute required a learning platform that could address several challenges. First, self-paced learning pathways needed to be delivered online, so employees could conveniently and quickly amass a rich foundation of specific knowledge related to cloud transformation and architecture. Second, training needed to include preparation and practice testing designed for specific cloud provider certifications. And finally, all digital courses needed to feature self-maintaining, high- quality content expertly aligned to a cloud market constantly in flux.

Solution: From quality content to self-paced delivery, Udemy Business hits the target

After a comprehensive search of online learning providers, the Firm selected Udemy Business as a key component of its global Cloud Institute training program because it met every need head-on. Udemy’s leading-edge, self-maintaining content ensures it can keep pace with technological change while scaling to meet the Cloud Institute’s projected growth. At present, Udemy provides over a third of the digital courses in the Cloud Institute’s self-paced Foundational pathways, which are the starting point for most learners. Udemy also delivers the majority of content in the Advanced pathways, where students progress after completing a pre-defined number of hours.

Furthermore, Udemy’s intuitive online delivery makes it easy for the Firm’s employees to build a base of essential cloud knowledge on their own time. Learners can quickly make their way through compelling and relevant material, so they’re ready to digest the technical content presented later on by teachers or peers.

In addition, Udemy Business offers learners the ability to take practice tests across numerous cloud service provider platforms, including Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and AWS. These self-administered practice tests vastly improve students’ odds of passing critical certification exams.

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