Why Skills-Based Companies Will Win the Talent War

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Hiring and retaining qualified employees has always been a top challenge for leaders. Talent management hasn’t gotten any easier in the face of macroeconomic challenges and rapidly evolving technologies. But companies are finding new opportunities to evolve their talent management by embracing a skills-based organizational model. 

Focusing on employee skills development allows them to tackle new challenges and provides talent agility for the entire company. It also lowers the risk of falling behind the competition, as companies direct talent resources to areas of greatest need by deploying employees to projects that match their skill sets.   

In this snapshot, you’ll learn how to integrate a skills-based approach to organizational processes to ensure:

  • Qualified candidates aren’t overlooked due to outdated hiring practices
  • Employees engage in continuous upskilling and reskilling opportunities
  • Talent agility is encouraged and enables employees to adapt to new roles or projects as needed, while developing their careers
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