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The Devoted Learner

Learning for Life: Devoted Learners in the Workplace


The Social Learner

Social Learners: Success Through Collaboration


The Confident Learner

How Confident Learners Lead the Way in Workplace Learning


The Emerging Learner

Find Your Learning Path: A Guide for Emerging Learners


The Practical Learner

The Practical Learner: Learning With Purpose

The 5 Learner Profiles

Workplace learning programs contribute to organizational agility, employees’ work readiness, and helping fill talent and skills gaps.

To get the most out of them, organizations need to personalize learning delivery and provide the best methods to engage, enable, and support all types of learners. The latest Udemy research outlined in this report is designed to help learning leaders do just that.

Download this report to get a detailed understanding of each learner type and insights for developing your learning strategy, including:

  • Considering different methods of delivering learning content
  • Facilitating cohort or group learning vs. individual learning
  • Speaking to learner motivation

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