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Our approach to leadership programs

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Run one of our signature programs privately with your team, or with leaders from around the world in a cohort.

Emerging Leader

Designed for early-career professionals and potential management candidates. This program teaches the skills, tools, and habits utilized by successful leaders. Learn more

New Leader

Create clarity around the learner’s role as the leader of their team, how to negotiate and persuade others to move the business forward and support ongoing business changes. Learn more

Practicing Positive, Purpose-Driven Leadership

Learners explore how to create and sustain an authentic culture where personal values align with the mission, vision of the company, and improve overall learning agility, adaptability, and performance. Learn more

Leading Inclusively

This program helps leaders build courage, empathy, and intention to collaborate and lead teams towards a common purpose. Learn more

Accelerating HR’s Business Impact

Your team will work on projects that add measurable value to your organization and learn skills that prepare them for fulfilling careers in HR. Learn more

Driving Innovation from Ideas to Solutions

As a result of this approach to innovation, participants will learn how to propel business growth while generating radically improved processes. Learn more

Influencing Global Teams

This program is designed to improve the effectiveness of leaders when working with customers, vendors, peers, employees, and managers around the globe. Learn more

Finally, virtual leadership development that meets the needs of organizations of any size

Drive change and the future vision of your organization with our guided, cohort-based learning experiences that feature enriching discussions of real-world business issues.

Built on learning science

Our programs leverage an organizational learning platform that connects professionals together in purpose-built groups to solve complex problems, generate and spread ideas, teach and learn from each other, and capture and share new knowledge at scale.

Designed for guided cohort-based learning

  • Discussion Forums foster a community with peers, experts and coaches.
  • Breakout Groups promote team building and collective problem solving.
  • Innovation Tournaments provide structured competitions that capture new ideas and innovation.
  • Live Events allow for synthesis and integration of concepts and presentations across a variety of formats.

Insights-oriented learning analytics

Collect individual and cohort performance data to identify top performers, learning advocates, and identify potential barriers of your initiatives.

While most virtual learning platforms use completion rates and surveys to measure impact, we aggregate data from 13 inputs and 7 precise metrics to enable you to measure the impact of your leadership development programs.

Easily build, manage and integrate across the enterprise

Powerful features that drive learning

We help organizations build deep and diverse leadership pipelines through our cohort-based learning platform.
Our learning needs increase more and more each year as we scale staff and continue to grow. It was important to us to find a learning solution with high-quality content to support our team and level set the knowledge they needed in their roles.”
Doug Redfield
Director of Data Architecture

We’re your strategic learning partner to help move skills forward