Valin leverages Udemy for Business to upskill its sales team

Valin employees rely on Udemy Business for business skills training

The Challenge

Valin’s previous learning initiatives were inconsistent and time consuming. Managers used different styles to manage their teams and execute their projects, resulting in a lot of inefficiency and redundancy.

Additionally, Valin’s Sales organization needed to learn essential skills including Excel modeling and project management to boost sales productivity.

The Solution

Valin sought a robust online, video-based training solution that could provide effective learning for their employees across different geographical locations. Valin chose to partner with Udemy Business because of the course quality and breadth of courses that are part of the Udemy Business content collection. In addition, Valin valued the freshness of content on Udemy Business as it helped ensure that their employees were always learning the most recent and up-to-date content. With Udemy, Valin employees can find courses that match their learning style preferences, participate in a discussion board and refer back to the content when they
need to.

The Results

Valin leverages Udemy Business within its onboarding process and in their employee development curriculum. The Valin’s Sales team is assigned courses on Pivot Table training, Data Modeling and Project Management. Valin has seen incredible adoption of Udemy Business. 90% of users have enrolled in at least one or more courses, with an average of 13 hours consumed per person amongst their top learners.

“Udemy Business has provided us with a quick way to get up and running with very valuable content and in-depth training. This has helped immensely with boosting sales productivity.” – Robin Slater, Vice President of Sales

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