Delivering highly relevant training shows a commitment to employees’ professional development

Searching for a solution to train a distributed and specialized global engineering team, Pitney Bowes turned to Udemy Business to deliver cost-effective, intuitive learning experience.

The Challenge

Tanya Gupta is the HR Business Partner responsible for the entire talent management cycle for the global engineering workforce at Pitney Bowes, with a special emphasis on learning and development. Typically, training was primarily instructor-led, which could be costly and brought logistical problems for engineering teams that were deployed globally.

Pitney Bowes technical teams all have different roles and distinct training requirements, so it’s counter-productive to put an entire team through a long training when only a portion is relevant to each person. Tanya needed a new solution that could provide more tailored, uniform and high-quality training content to each particular role in the engineering workforce.

The Solution

With Udemy Business, each individual can choose the courses that are most relevant to their specific technical role. They take the most appropriate courses, and they can customize their curriculum to match evolving requirements. Employees have lifetime access to course content and take quizzes at the end of each course to test their knowledge and ensure they are ready for the next steps, whether it’s the next course in a series or applying their knowledge on the job.

Pitney Bowes engineers can also take courses that go beyond their core competencies, enrolling in management, personal development, and data analytics courses that help them expand their overall value to the workforce. Tanya is actively using the established Udemy Business course library but plans to eventually create new courses designed for the needs of specific engineering groups.

Since rolling out Udemy Business, Tanya has noticed a more satisfied workforce. Employees can clearly see the commitment and focus that senior management has made on their workers’ professional development, which has enabled them to build trust within the organization. Employees are even taking the initiative to incorporate things they’ve learned from training directly into product development and enhancements. Tanya is pleased with the improvements they are seeing so far, and the great return on investment is a win that she can share with her management team.

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