80% of ON24 engineers engage with learning content on Udemy for Business

The Challenge

ON24 needed to equip its engineers with the right learning resources to grow and advance in their careers. While the ON24 engineering team was already highly skilled, Brent Rojas, Director of Engineering at ON24, wanted to ensure his team was empowered to handle the unknown and equipped to work on all technical projects that came their way.

The Solution

ON24 began their evaluation of online learning solutions to meet their engineering team’s development needs. They previously leveraged in-person training but soon realized this wasn’t a scalable solution. Brent ultimately chose Udemy Business because of its technical content quality, flexibility and reliability.

Through Udemy Business, ON24 engineers can keep their skills fresh. The team has already consumed over 70 hours of course content. Some of the most popular courses include:

  • The Complete Web Developer Course by Rob Percival
  • Complete JavaScript: From Fundamentals to Functional JS by Frontend Masters
  • C++: From Beginner to Expert by Arkadiusz Włodarczyk
  • Learn and Understand AngularJS by Anthony Alicea

The Results

The response to Udemy Business has been very positive. Nearly 80% of the team has adopted the platform. They enjoy the flexibility of learning on the go via their mobile devices and the modular format of courses that come in bite-sized, easy to digest lectures. On average, each person on the engineering team has engaged with 9 hours of course content.

ON24 plans to expand Udemy Business internally and will continue to leverage Udemy Business as a strategic partner to develop their employees’ interpersonal and technical skills.

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