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The Challenge

As the global online travel market continues to expand, sought an online learning platform that could help its younger employees develop their technical and leadership skills to grow individually and push the company forward.

“We were looking to create a culture of learning in general, but wanted to specifically encourage internal employees to develop new skills and find new opportunities within our company, rather than leave us after a few years,” explains Kirk Davies, Digital Learning Manager at


To address its global millennial learning needs, wanted to partner with Udemy for Business. Since launching Udemy for Business,’s Digital Learning Team has enabled their employees to “own” their personal development by encouraging them to take courses on topics such as management and leadership development, public
speaking, data science and web development.

“In particular, our younger workforce likes the breadth of courses within Udemy and the flexibility of the mobile app,” says Ajay Jacob, Digital Learning Specialist at

An employee stated within the company’s internal social channel, “It’s amazing how technology and learning can transform you within minutes! Using Udemy’s iPhone app, I managed to download an amazing course just moments before boarding London Underground and ended my 45 minute train journey (quite boring usually) feeling so


Using Udemy for Business, immediately saw an increase in engagement compared to their previous learning solution. The average user has already spent 5+ hours learning on the platform. “Previously, we offered a stipend for employees to access learning from an external provider. Adoption for this was quite low,” states Kirk Davies.

“When we switched over to Udemy for Business, we saw engagement increase drastically and heard very positive feedback from employees about the new platform.”

People at are excited to take ownership over their skills development and push their careers forward. “Udemy is a nice way to not only learn something new, but also kickstart your brain a bit by injecting something fresh into it,” shares another employee.

As connects more travelers to destinations around the world, they plan to continue to nurture their employees so they can grow and ultimately add value to the business. logo

"Our younger workforce likes the breadth of courses within Udemy and the flexibility of the mobile app. They can download any course they want and view them in offline mode while they’re commuting to work!"

Ajay Jacob, Digital Learning Specialist at
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Founded in 1996, is an online accommodations booking website based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The company offers reservations for various hotels for leisure and business markets worldwide and has operated as a subsidiary of The Priceline Group, Inc. since 2005.

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