70% of Ellation employees find that Udemy directly contributes to their skills development.

With rapid scale comes more than one business challenge

Despite its successful growth, Ellation faced critical inflection points throughout its history: two acquisitions, a 3x growth in headcount, and declining engagement scores in the span of 3 years. These activities presented new business challenges that the leadership team knew it needed to address quickly. Desiree Therianos, Head of People Ops, and her team looked to Udemy during these critical times.

Using Udemy to improve employee happiness and collaboration

Ellation found that its strategic partnership with Udemy enabled them to solve their major business challenges.

Making the case for L&D with Udemy

With Udemy, Ellation has successfully built an internal culture of learning, bridged skills gaps, and improved the productivity and personal growth of its employees. In addition, Ellation’s People Ops team has proven the value of learning at work and is now building out a dedicated L&D team to take internal learning to the next level.

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