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Constantly updated online courses give your team the training they need to keep pace with change and tackle tomorrow’s agency workforce challenges.

Prepare your agency to meet the demands of a changing world.

Udemy Business empowers teams to keep up with constantly evolving processes, technology, and priorities. Courses on topics like cybersecurity, IT, and cloud computing prepare your staff for digital transformation, while training on soft skills like diversity and inclusion helps them work together more effectively.

IT capabilities contribute to every aspect of an organization’s success.

Tackle the top initiatives from NASCIO’s 2021 Agile State CIO Survey.

Security threats like remote work demand stronger, more united cybersecurity programs — make sure your organization is protected.

Improving internet access is a priority. Give your employees the training they need to deploy 5G networks and improve connectivity in urban and rural areas.

Data now plays an increasingly central role in decision making. Train your team to use data analytics to increase transparency and generate meaningful reports.

Update your organization’s digital services to offer citizens a better online experience, lower costs, and collaborate more effectively with other agencies.

Develop a strategy to migrate legacy applications to the cloud and ensure that data stored in the cloud is secure and protected.

Consolidate your services and train your team on new technologies like automation and other new technologies to make processes faster, more accurate, and more cost effective.

Learn how to increase employee retention and reduce turnover by strategically retraining and redeploying staff and keeping employees engaged.

Develop strategic leadership and management programs to manage succession planning and empower your workforce.

Successful organizations know how to adapt to change and make the most of their capabilities. Prepare your staff and faculty to adjust to whatever the future brings.

DEI training sets the foundation for effective communication and collaboration among diverse groups. Give your teams the resources they need to work together productively.

Empower employees to thrive personally and professionally with courses on meditation, stress management, and more.

Improve internal and external customer service by training your teams on customer relationship management strategies and best practices.

Soft skills help your team grow their careers and collaborate more effectively.

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